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About Me

I am Rajesh Hassija, a passionate astrologer who took VRS from Central Government service to pursue my true passion, Astrology, as a full-time profession.

I have been an astrologer and ASTRO analyst for over 2 decades, after having served the country for years. Astrology, for me, is an article of faith, a science that has stood the test of thousands of years, the mother of all branches of science and scientific methods.

my vision

I believe that faith is an important ingredient of life and faith coupled with logic and belief in traditional knowledge is essential for one to attain the full benefits of astrology, or any prescriptive science. I want to elevate the status of the field of astrology to that of a prescriptive rule-based science whose efficacy can be easily tested through the correct application of certain rules.

Today, astrology as a discipline has become the last resort in case of life hurdles, but I want to educate people on why it should be the first and foremost tool to be used by everyone to counter life’s troubles and ensure a reasonably fulfilling life.

What Our Clients Says

Abhishek Verma

I have been a subject of Mr. Rajesh Hasija for many years and have found his abilities to be outstanding, to say the least. Time and time again his insight and predictive ability have proven effective for all sorts of important decisions in my life. Not only is he completely professional but his insight into the nature of Vedic astrology far exceeds anything I’ve come across. Sometimes even for a Guru, probably in some cases, it is difficult to give a practical, individual direction in life, connected to someone’s karmic case; but Mr. Hasija gave it to me. I highly recommend him for a consultation. Anyone will be glad they did.

Rinnkie K Gill

We live in a world where mathematical inference, limitations of science, transience, of philosophy, logical reasoning or duality of matter and energy are lost in their own travesty – a matrix of being and also of nothingness. A world where, as they say, man proposes and providence disposes. Existential realism is itself a non-entity, worth being discounted from the cavalry of imperfections and impermanence. Happy to finally meet an astrologer who can well explain the mysteries that serve the world and explain with logic. And even more importantly with patience and willingness.

Dr. Sumit Sinha

” Mr. Hassija is an extremely knowledgeable astrologer who has a talent for predicting things with an extremely high accuracy using his science of numbers and planetary positions. His uncanny ability to predict events in the future and his precision together reflects the genius that he is in the field. I would recommend him to anyone as he is honest, dedicated, accurate, and possesses deep clairvoyance. He not only predicts accurately but also tells one the solutions which are easy to do and are really helpful. God bless you for improving the lives of people.🙏🙏 “

Bina Ramani

” I consulted Rajesh Hassija with my DOB and my 2 daughters’. I must say, he gave me a detailed scientific reading about positions and characters of planets and also effects on one’s life. This has been very useful. I also got guidance about what remedies to make, what colors to avoid or wear, dates for future steps, etc. He has good knowledge of this subject, and I recommend him if you are seeking this knowledge. Thank you very much, Rajesh!!!😇 “

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj

” Mr. Rajesh Hassija is not just an astrologer; he is an Astro-analyst who tells you the truth and nothing but the truth. With a prediction accuracy rate of over 96%, Mr. Hassija’s system of astrological analysis, predictions, and solutions are easily the most efficient I have seen in my 39 years of career as a journalist! The only Astro-analyst who will never hesitate from telling you exactly what is the truth not just what you want to hear. But Mr. Hassija also has a solution for even the most serious problems! “

Sujeet Kumar Jha

” I have known Rajesh Hassija Ji for the last several years. Although we have met on a social platform itself, he has impressed me a lot. Especially his accurate prediction about me made the path of my life easier. Hassija Ji is a prophet who goes with the times. He try to adapt the planets through changes in living lifestyle, which are very beneficial. “

Mrs. Neelmani Raju

” I have been consulting with Mr. Rajesh Hassija for the last 15 years or so. His predictions as well as his guidance have been a source of great relief to me during so many tricky situations in my life. I value him as an astrologer par excellence. He has devoted his whole life to serve people through his astrological skill. I rate him five on five for his skills as well as his humane approach. He is always there to help people in distress situations. May God bring him all success in his chosen field. “

Mr. Prabhakar Aloka

” Rajesh Hassija is an outstanding astrologer. His capacity to logically analyze planetary positions and his ability to correlate natal and transit position in an analytical way makes him a different astrologer. His inclination to do research adds to his capabilities.”

Mr. Vijay Kumar

” Rajesh Ji, I have known you for a decade and seen your predictions coming true so often, including appointments in high places. Your latest one on share market and gold price was bang on target. You explain the logic so convincingly, with the position of stars, which is educating as well. Wish you all the very best in all times to come🙏 “

Mr. Atmaram Deshpande

” Rajesh Ji has great insight into the nuances of astrology, and his predictions are on the spot. Apart from being an excellent astrologer, he is a great person and a pleasure to interact with. I wish him all the best. “

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Astrology is a pseudoscience because it cannot be proven through modern science. Astrology is based on anticipates by examining a horoscope, there cannot be any scientific logic.

With the help of a birth chart, an astrologer can predict the children’s future. The 5th house and 9th house are responsible for predictions regarding the children. Mostly, the 5th house stands for the first child and 9th house stands for other children.

Vedic astrology is the part of ancient Indian scriptures, called Vedas and Upnishads. Astrology is known as Jyotish Vedic astrology. It is a proven fact that Vedic astrology started ages ago in ancient India.

No, astrology cannot say when you will win a lottery or what amount you may win, rather it can tell the timings of the monetary gain, which may occur due to a deal or lottery or anything else.

Yes, sometimes, astrology can be trusted, when you seek any help. Like, for a matchmaking with a life partner, astrology deemed reliable. Although, it is the subject of a person’s trust.

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