About me

I am Rajesh Hassija, a passionate astrologer who took VRS from Central Government service to pursue my true passion, Astrology, as a full-time profession.

I have been an astrologer and ASTRO analyst for over 2 decades, after having served the country for years.

 Astrology, for me, is an article of faith, a science that has stood the test of thousands of years, the mother of all branches of science and scientific methods. When I study a chart and present my analysis, it becomes an article of faith; a bond of integrity between myself and the client, much like the relationship between a doctor and the patient. It’s the backbone of a Divine Cosmological Contract that can never be broken.

From politicians to professionals to doctors to engineers to media personnel to businessmen to ordinary people across the globe, if there is one thing that I am proud of and have been shown faith in by people, it is the total confidentiality of their analysis and prediction accuracy.
I don’t deal in mumbo-jumbo or hocus-pocus; I deal in and practise the science of astrology!
That’s my professional bond, oath and article of faith.

My expertise is not limited to standard astrological advice, e.g. finance, marital or legal issues but below is an overview of my niche areas and anybody can get a session of personalised reading with a prior appointment.

my vision

I believe that faith is an important ingredient of life and faith coupled with logic and belief in traditional knowledge is essential for one to attain the full benefits of astrology, or any prescriptive science. I want to elevate the status of the field of astrology to that of a prescriptive rule-based science whose efficacy can be easily tested through the correct application of certain rules.

Today, astrology as a discipline has become the last resort in case of life hurdles, but I want to educate people on why it should be the first and foremost tool to be used by everyone to counter life’s troubles and ensure a reasonably fulfilling life.