Some Astrologic Insight

Dear Friends,
I am sharing herewith some Astrologic insight of coming months.
We can expect Nasty November and Darkness in December..
It has been quite an October, but November will wink at October and say you were much nicer!
Rahu and Ketu those two harbingers of desperation, despair and desolation will be near or about 7 degrees and stationary, This can mean only one thing (actually a few things all nasty & all dark)
*- Exposures!*
*- Scams in the open!*
*- The Ruling Establishment in disarray!*
And yes this time there is a very real possibility of military action that will take a lot of lives.
– COVID has not gone; and while it may not return with the same intensity as earlier but wear your masks and maintain a judicial distancing or else that *specialist in strange new illnesses Rahu is just waiting to strike again.*
– Further all those who are part of the establishment; any establishment as in Govt, Sports, Media, Bollywood, TV, Entertainment , Industry, Stock Exchange will pass through very trying times…
– The travails of Shahrukh Khan, the Indian cricket team, badminton team are all part of the debilitated Sun plus the stationary Rahu & Ketu…
– Internal strife, communal tensions, political infighting will be the order of the day…we have especially to guard against communal tensions flaring up
– A weak natal Sun with a debilitated transit Sun coupled with Rahu and Ketu stationary at 7 odd degrees and important issues, seemingly unresolvable issues will assume more serious proportions for important leaders
This means our leaders will have to show great statesmanship and wisdom in dealing with problems which may look small but may turn much, much bigger unless dealt with immediately.
I expect our leaders to have the sagacity to take the Farmers agitation in the right spirit and deliver justice.
– Uttar Pradesh is another area that will see huge political unrest and yes a period of natural calamities (earthquakes, landslides, floods and fires) will add to this already dangerous brew!
– However the main danger as I see it comes from hostilities at the border and this time the situation is expected to turn serious
Whereas I don’t see too much of a problem with China (and that’s because the Chinese can’t afford a shooting war right now) an irrresponsible regime like Pakistan can be expected to up the ante
In mid-November through to December a shooting war around the Line Of Control near Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will require all over strength and diplomatic skill.
– *I do believe come January and we may be about 50-100 kms inside territory now occupied by Pakistan but it will come at a cost!*
*- By February 2022 things will become more stable and we can look forward to a time of prosperity, happiness and success after a brief period of bumpy ride.*
*Rajesh Hassija*

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