The festival season is underway; I wish I had some festive predictions but I don’t!

The festival season is underway; I wish I had some festive predictions but I don’t!
Such is the position of the stars that even though Navratri and Dussehra have just gone by, Karwa Chauth and Diwali are just around the corner those two major spoilsports for everything on Earth namely Rahu and Ketu are where they are supposed to be!
The Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail, harbingers of depression, destruction and death have decided they will do some more wheeling and dealing!
Rahu and Ketu get into stationary mode every three months after every nine degrees. Whenever a natal chart is weak, afflicted or planets are badly placed or the ascending degree is at or around the same degrees the person becomes vulnerable to serious problems for three to four months.
Rahu and Ketu will be stationary at 7 degrees from 19th October 2021 till first week of January 2022 .
This is likely to cause prolonged depressive influence especially in the last week of 3rd week of November 2021 for those whose ascending degree is around 7 degree or who have some planet around 7 degree in even signs!
They are likely to face multiple and sudden concerns during this period. Further, if the planet at 7 degree is placed in a malefic house, (6,8,12) then the problem maybe serious.
Just be patient
Pray hard, very very hard
And hope divine intervention will bail you out of this one
(Meanwhile watch out for huge revelations, scams out in the open, volatile markets, political instability and the real faces of people in the public eye will be revealed or shall I say exposed!)
Meanwhile wear a mask, maintain social distancing, get yourself vaccinated and oh yes…stay safe!

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